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Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Ranichauri

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Ranichauri is the Farm Science Centre which is work in grass root level. It is an innovative science–based institution was established to accelerate the agricultural production and also to improve the socio-economic conditions of the farming community of the Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. It is creating awareness about improved agricultural technologies through large number of extension programmes organises in village, block or district level. Critical and quality inputs like seeds, planting materials, organic products, bio-fertilizers and livestock, goatery and poultry strains are produced by the KVK and made available to the farmers. The Krishi Vigyan Kendra consists of scientist of different subjects specialist and provides training on different field’s of Agriculture, Horticulture, Soil Science, Agroforestry, Home Sciences/ Food Science and Technology, Animal Husbandry and plant protection etc.

The entire Tehri Garhwal district is the operational area of KVK, Ranichauri-Tehri Garhwal. The aim of the KVK is to provide latest farm technologies developed at SAU’s, ICAR-Institutes and different research institutions and/or organization to the farming communities for increasing the productivity, profitability, risk bearing ability, sustainability and prosperity of farming communities.

The Mandate of KVK:

  • Organize short and long term trainings in Agriculture and allied enterprises for farmers, rural youth and unemployed women with emphasis on “Learning by doing” for update their knowledge and skills in modern agricultural technologies.
  • Trainings of extension personnel to orient them in the frontier areas of technology development
  • On-farm testing to in farmers’ field for identifying technologies suitable for location specific
  • Organize frontline demonstrations (FLDs) to establish production potential of technologies on the farmer’s fields.
  • Work as Knowledge and Resource Centre for improving overall agricultural economy in the operational area of the district.
  • Production of quality seeds and planting materials for distribution among the farmers.

Activities of KVK:

Krishi Vigyan Kendra performs its activities as per the mandate suggested by ICAR, New Delhi.

Activities of the KVK are as follows:

  • To organize On and Off campus training programmes for Farmers, Rural Women, Rural Youth, and Extension personnel  to make them aware about the latest technologies in agriculture
  • To organize short and long term vocational training courses on cereals, pulses, vegetable, floriculture, beekeeping, dairying, mushroom, organic farming , protective cultivation and Soil Testing etc for farmers, rural woman, rural youth for self-employment
  • To conduct Front Line Demonstrations (FLD) and  On Farm Trials (OFT) at farmer’s fields  on improved technologies  and refinement of  existing technology so as to suit the need of the farmer
  •  Soil Testing and distribution of Soil Health Card to the farmers

Post harvest technology with value addition of hills crop.

Major Schemes/Projects operated in KVK:

  • Cluster Frontline Demonstrations (CFLD) on pulses and oilseeds
  • National Innovation on Climate resilient Agriculture (NICRA) in KVK, Tehri Garhwal
S.N. Name of Department / Organization Nature of Linkage
1 District Agriculture Department Training, Diagnostic Survey, In-Service Training Programmes
2 District Horticulture Department Training, Diagnostic Survey, In-service Training Programmes
3 District Animal Husbandry Department Training, vaccination and deworming
4 District Animal Husbandry Department Training, Member of Government Body, Assistance in Soil Testing
5 ATMA, Tehri Garhwal Training, Member of Government Body, Diagnostic Survey, In-Service Training Programmes
6 NABARD, New Tehri Participation in Meetings and Trainings
7 Lead Bank of Tehri Garhwal Advisory Services and Training
8 Rural Self Employment Training Institute, Tehri Garhwal Advisory Services and Training
9 State Bank of India, New Tehri Training, Kisan Mela
10 Punjab National Bank, New Tehri Training, Kisan Mela
11 SEWA, New Tehri Training, Advisory Services
12 THDC SEWA, New Tehri Training, Advisory Services
13 HIMMOTHAN, New Tehri Training, Advisory Services
Photo Name of Employee & Designation Date of joining Contact

Dr. Aalok Gulabrao Yewale

Subject Matter Specialist (Agroforestry)



Er. Kirti Kumari

Subject Matter Specialist (Home Science / Food Technology)



Mr. Tejpal Singh Bisht

Subject Matter Specialist (Horticulture)



Miss Shikha

Subject Matter Specialist (Soil Science)


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