Research and Extension Centre, Gaja

To cater the needs of the farmers of hill districts, the Uttar Pradesh government transferred Gaja farm of horticulture department, Tehri to the GBPUA&T, Pantnagar in 1991 with an area of 9.12 hectares (22.54 acre). Later, it was transferred to VCSG UUHF Bharsar in 2011. The station is positioned at the Narendra Nagar block of Tehri district. It is an important research centre for Western Himalaya of Uttarakhand. Gaja Research Station lies in 30° 16’17’’ N latitude and longitude of 78° 25’21’’ E at 1720 m above MSL. Cultivable area of this station is 4.0 hectares(10 acre). This is a major multi crop station in the Garhwal Region engaged in research and extension and seed production activities of various agricultural crops
• Breeding and evaluation of new crop varieties of small millets ( Finger Millet, Barnyard millet, Proso Millet, Foxtail Millet), Amaranth, Buckwheat, Rice bean etc for hill region of Uttarakhand
• Development of agro-technologies for agricultural crops and cropping systems.
• Fertilizer and weed management research on agricultural hill crops
• Pest and disease surveillance and recommendations on various crops.
• Production of breeder, foundation and true seed of hill crops.
• Evolving technologies for rainfed crops.
• Research on the utilization of farm implements.
• Dissemination of the technologies by conducting farmers’ day, field days, training programmes.

Gaja Research and Extension Centre is located in the Central Himalayan Region on the northern aspect between 30° 16’17’’ N latitude and 78° 25’21’’ E longitude. The altitudinal range of the campus varies from about 1700 m to about 1760 m above mean sea level. The soils of Gaja research station are silty clay loam in texture, low in available nitrogen, phosphorous and rich in available potassium. The pH of soils varies from 5.3 to 5.6. The average Kharif season rainfall of 1111.2 mm distributed in 70 rainy days. The maximum temperature varied between 22.2 and 24.6 °C during Kharif seasons. Similarly minimum temperature varied between 11.2 and 16.8 °C during Kharif season.
Total Area: 22.54 acre
Actual possession: 16 acre.
Cultivated land: 10 acre.
Area under office, staff residence, road, boundary, fellow (rocky) land: 6.0 acre
Staff Position
OIC Gaja (Additional Charge) : Dr. Ajay Kumar
Assistant Director Farm : Vacant
Field Assistant : 01
Office assistant : 01
Chaukidar : 04
Labour : 08
Farm equipment available at Research Station

Sl No.ItemsNo.
1.Tractor01 Nos.
2.Disc harrow02 Nos.
3.Cultivator02 Nos.
4.Leveler (blade)01 Nos.
5.Harrow (one way)01 Nos.
6.Thresher01 Nos.
7.Polyhouse03 Nos
Research, seed production, education and extension activities are being carried out in this station.

Seed Production Programme Rabi 2018-19

WheatVL 892True Seed
HS 507True Seed.
LentilVL Masoor 133True Seed
PeaPSM-2True Seed
<>b Demonstration

Demonstration of all above varieties

Research Work

A. All India Coordinated Research Project Small Millet.

Gaja research station is one of the testing centers of this project. The breeding, agronomic and entomological trials are being conducted at this centre. The major thrust areas under this scheme are given below:

• Evaluation centre of genetic resources of small millet crops.

• Development of improved varieties

• Development of improved low cost production technology

• Demonstration of improved varieties and production technology

B. All India Coordinated Network Project on Potential Crop:

Gaja research station land also used to test germplasm, develop new varieties and improved cost effective production technologies of this project. The breeding and agronomic trials have been conducted at the centre.

C. Post Graduate student’s field research:

The students of M.Sc. Seed Science and Technology, College of Forestry are doing their field research of master’s thesis at this centre.

Production of improvement variety seedling: Capsicum, Brinjal, Cauliflower, Cabbage to facilitate the local farmers.

The following seed of Kharif crop is available of the centre.

Finger millet PRM 1, PRM 2

Amaranth Annapurna, PRA 3

Barnyard Millet PRJ 1

Crop Cultivation at GAJA Farm
Scientist Visit at Gaja Farm
View of Gaja Farm